Twelve Oaks

Artist in Residence Program

a project of the

Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain

Old Fort Bayou

Ocean Springs, MS

The Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain (LTMCP) Twelve Oaks Artist in Residence Program is designed to support creative residencies of up to several months on a picturesque and culturally historic parcel of conserved property that is bordered by Old Fort Bayou in charming Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  This is the sixth year of the LTMCP Artist in Residence project.  This project is supported in part by funding from the Mississippi Arts Commission, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. There is an old house on the property available to the appointed artist(s) in residence during their stay.  Details of the length of the residency and the project budget are specific to the artist and the project’s budget.

This LTMCP Artist in Residence project takes place at the Twelve Oaks property in Ocean Springs, a 30 acre parcel of protected property that is held in permanent conservation and is managed by the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain, in partnership with the Department of Marine Resources.  The property, located at 1112 Hanley Road, is located between Highway 90/Bienville Blvd and the picturesque marshes of Old Fort Bayou, which is in proximity to the main business and residential areas of the arts community of Ocean Springs.  The location is easily accessed by residents and visitors, and has adequate space to accommodate the public for workshops and presentations.

Main goals of the LTMCP Twelve Oaks Artist in Residence Program include:

    • Demonstrating and promoting the bond between the creative arts & conservation;
    • Increasing opportunities for artists to find support for a period of intensive work;
    • Providing arts exposure & education, and environmental & conservation experiences, for the public (including plein air opportunities) at Twelve Oaks;
    • Increase working relationships with organizations and groups to enhance public understanding of the value of the arts, of preservation of natural resources and for increased recognition of how artists find inspiration through nature;
    • Encourage public participation through workshops, exhibits and presentations by the artist(s) as part of their residencies;
    • Utilize the artist’s work whenever possible at public LTMCP events, in publications, and in the media to reinforce the blending and value of the arts & conservation.

Organizational StructureThe Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain is an active 501 (c)3 organization dedicated to promoting and preserving green places and open spaces that hold cultural, scenic and historic significance in the six lower counties of the state:  Harrison, Hancock, Jackson Pearl River, Stone and George Counties.

The LTMCP was organized in 2000 as a response to the construction rush that the Coast was experiencing as the gaming industry progressed in the area, along with a huge push for associated construction.  The organization was founded to protect areas of cultural and conservation significance in urban and rural areas, so these special places can always serve as respite for residents and visitors, and so these natural resources are protected to be enjoyed & appreciated by the wide array of artists who find creative inspiration in the area’s amazing natural resources.  Major sources of funding for LTMCP include membership dues and contributions, grants, partnerships, fundraising and fees from environmental court judgements.  The volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of dues-paying members who are representatives from each of the counties served by the organization.  Every effort is made to include representation from diverse populations of the Coast.  LTMCP enjoys partnerships with many kindred groups and organizations in the area, and is the only domestic nationally accredited land trust in the State.

Application information can be found here.