Blue Skies

County: Harrison
Total acreage: 10.7 acres
Conservation method: Donation
Date acquired: 10/31/2012


In November 2012, five parcels in Henderson Point were donated. The property sustained major damage from Hurricane Katrina.  These parcels once restored will become the Blue Skies Nature Area.

One parcel can possibly be used as neighborhood green space as it is on Bayou Mallini. Another parcel is on St. Louis Bay and was a former marina. The restoration for this property will be a “Living Shoreline” project. The parcel fronting the Gulf of Mexico is in the area of acquisition for Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program so will eventually be a very large conservation area. The remaining two parcels will be replanted with trees and become a buffer area and flood plain.

The Land  Trust is working to restore the tree canopy and as of June 2015 had planted 5400 trees on the property.