Branch Property

County: Jackson
Total acreage: 1.23
Conservation method:
Date acquired: 12/2013

The Branch Conservation Site encompasses approximately 1.23 acres located at Dunsinane Drive in Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Mississippi.  Dunsinane Drive borders the southern boundary of the property, Old Fort Bayou borders the northern boundary, and residences lie east and west of the site.  The property ranges in elevation from approximately 16 feet near the southwest corner of the site, to approximately 2 feet on the north end where it drains into Old Fort Bayou.

Habitat consists of medium to high quality mixed forested uplands and wetlands that are part of the riparian corridor of Old Fort Bayou.

The property provides views of scenic landscapes, and valuable habitat for native flora and fauna, including birds such as marsh wrens, sandpipers, and blue herons.  Indigenous wetlands also buffer against storms, attenuate floodwaters, control erosion, and protect water quality by acting as filters of a wide range of pollutants.  Protection of these important ecosystems in perpetuity is critical to long-term environmental health.

Branch, Jackson Co