CCC Camp

Total acreage: 20.0 acres
Conservation method:
Date acquired: 12/2004

The property consists of two (2) parcels encompassing a total combined area of approximately 19.87 acres located south of CCC Camp Road and north of Yosemite Drive in Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Mississippi.

The southernmost parcel consists predominantly of medium-quality pitcher plant bog.  This parcel is maintained as a pitcher plant bog habitat, and trees are not allowed to grow due to regular maintenance by a local power company as part of a power line easement.  Nevertheless, the existing pitcher plant bog is dominated by a wide variety of native plants.

The northernmost parcel consists primarily of medium-quality, wet pine flatwoods disturbed prior to Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain (LTMCP) ownership as a result of timber harvesting.  The forest has regenerated but is still immature.  And, as a result of canopy removal during the previous harvesting, the site is overgrown with shrubs and woody vines.  This portion of the property is difficult to traverse on foot.

CCC Camp Rd
CCC Camp Rd