Fay Browne Property

City: Gulfport
Total acreage: 8.3 acres
Conservation method:
Conservation easement donated to LTMCP by Fay Browne
Date acquired: 2002-06-17

Located in the Bayou View Subdivision in the heart of the City of Gulfport, the Fay Browne property is an oasis of green in an urban setting. The property contains remnants of a wet pine savanna, as indicated by the presence of pitcher plants, sundew, orchids and grasses, as well as a stream, which is bordered by ferns, mosses, lilies, blueberries, wax myrtles, rhododendrons and flowering dogwood. The stream is a tributary that flows directly into Brickyard Bayou, a larger tributary that connects to the Back Bay of Biloxi.