Hellmer’s Lane

City: Ocean Springs
Total acreage: 1.0 acres
Conservation method:
Bargain sale purchase from Don McKee with funds from the MS Department of Marine Resources, MS Department of Environmental Quality, and private
Date acquired: 2003-08-27

Located off Hellmer’s Lane in Ocean Springs, this property supports a high diversity of birds, especially neotropical migrants during fall and spring migrations. The property supports a bayhead swamp, with a variety of native trees and shrubs such as a magnolias, oaks, swamp titi, red maple, cedars, wax myrtle, American beauty berry, and St. John’s wort. These plants contribute to the property’s importance as a wildlife habitat. A functional tidal creek bisects this property, flowing directly into a tidal marsh system. Some of the functions that this property provides to the landscape:

  • Natural flood control.
  • Filters and cleanses the water before and as it enters into the bayou.
  • Serves as a nursery for economically important commercial and recreational species such as a variety of fish, crabs, and shrimp.
  • Provides habitat for neotropical birds, butterflies, and turtles.

The neighboring property owners worked with the LTMCP to raise funds for the purchase of this urban green space. The property will be left in its natural state, providing a wonderful opportunity for nature watching and recreation.