Johnson/Adcock Property

City: Latimer Community
Total acreage: 143.0 acres
Conservation method:
Property donated to the LTCMP by Claude Johnson and Jesse Adcock
Date acquired: 2001-12-12

The Johnson/Adcock property is located in the Latimer Community, near the Desoto National Forest. The Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain has conducted controlled burns on the 143-acre Johnson/Adcock property as part of an restoration and ecological management plan. As land stewards, the Land Trust accepts the responsibility to manage properties for higher ecological value and for safety to surrounding properties. Fire is an integral component of the enhancement process, and its reintroduction should result in higher plant and animal diversity on the site. Historically, fires occurred approximately every 7-10 years in the wet pine flatwoods habitat found on the Johnson/Adcock property, maintaining an open pine canopy and an abundance of wildflowers on the forest floor. Surrounded by residential development, the property serves as community green space.

Johnson Adcock
Johnson Adcock