Little Biloxi River Mitigation Bank

County: Harrison
Total acreage: 166 acres
Conservation method:
Conservation Easement on Mitigation Banking Project
Date acquired: 3/2014

The site is 166 acres of land composed of Bottomland Hardwood Forest (16.8 acres), Pine Savanna (131 acres), Stream (.9 acres) Upland Pine Flatwoods (17.2 acres).  It is 8.5miles northwest of Lyman, Mississippi. This site includes both sides of .36 mi. of the Little Biloxi River and .64 mi. of Mortar Creek.

This site is adjacent to the Sponsor’s existing Little Biloxi Bioreserve and the two restored sites will have a greater cumulative benefit to the ecology of the watershed and Mississippi’s coastal zone. Of particular interest is the location of threatened gopher tortoise burrows on the property. There were no active burrows found but their presence indicates that this part of the property was quite recently appropriate habitat (sandy upland soil with open canopy) for this tortoise with potential for restoration to support this species again.