Living Memorial Program

Growing the Legacy of a Life Well Lived

Honor your loved one with a gift of life. For a donation of $100 the Land Trust will purchase a young live oak tree, prepare a site for transplantation on one of the Land Trust’s properties or a location of your choice, and plant the tree in the ground. The program brochure is available here.

Not only do memorial trees offer some comfort to those left behind, but they also help to maintain a healthy environment, so you’re keeping that circle of life going.

During Hurricane Katrina our coast lost hundreds of its ancient live oak trees. Replanting these lost trees will help prevent soil erosion, reduce noise pollution, create up to 5 pounds of pure oxygen per day, consume dangerous carbon dioxide, provide shade and homes for birds and small animals and restore the natural beauty of our area.

The Living Memorial Program provides living, lasting tributes to cherished people who have made our lives better and fuller—transforming our respect, love and treasured memories into graceful, enduring testaments. These live oak living memorials help carry on the legacies of the ones we honor while conserving the incomparable beauty of our coastal plains for future generations and sustaining the sense of place that stays with us no matter where our journey leads.

Consider the gift of a live oak in honor or in memory of someone who has made a difference for you, and help nature’s gifts grow for future generations to enjoy.Plantings will occur when seasonal weather conditions are optimal, and we would be happy to accommodate your schedule if you and your family would like to attend. If you are unable to attend, the Land Trust will send you an e-mail with a photo of the tree once it is planted.

For more information, please contact our office at 228-435-9191.

This program is a part of the Hancock Whitney Perseverance Oaks Initiative.