Pascagoula River Lesson Plan Table of Contents

Page# Lesson Plan Activity
1 Did You Know? Introduction to Students
2 Water-A Valuable Resource Activity-Globe
3-4 What is Water? Lesson Plan
5 Properties of Water Student Lesson Page
6 Water Carnival Properties of Water
7 Drops on a Penny Activity-Surface Tension
8 Water Stretch Activity-Cohesion/Adhesion
9 Absorption Lesson Plan
10 Paper Towel Absorption Race Activity-Cohesion/Adhesion
11 Spill Thrill Activity-Molecules
12 Water-Quality-Checkpoint #1 Student Quiz
13-14 Groundwater and the Water Cycle Lesson Plan
15 Water Cycle Student Lesson-Water Cycle
16 Build Water Cycle Activity-Hydrologic Cycle
17 Water Cycle Word Search Activity-Review
17 Water Quality Checkpoint 2 Student Quiz
18 Page-18-Percolator Lesson Plan
19 Groundwater Activity-Build a Percolator
20 Edible Aquifer Lesson Plan
21 Edible Aquifer Activity Activity-Build an Aquifer
22 Water Wise Word Scramble Activity-Review
22 Water Quality Checkpoint #3 Student Quiz
23 Watershed Lesson Plan
24 What is a Watershed Student Lesson Page
25 Color the Watershed Activity-Watershed
26 Build a Watershed Activity Activity-Watershed
27 Build a Watershed Questions Activity Questions
28 Water Quality Steward Activity-Checklist
29 Where is Your Watershed Activity-Topography Map
30-31 What is Your Water-Source Activity-Water Source
32 Water Quality Checkpoint 4 Student Quiz
33 What Lives In or Near Water? Student Lesson Page
34-35 Macroinvertebrates Student Lesson Page
36-37 Macroinvertebrates Lesson Plan
38 Water Bugs Lesson Plan
39-40 Interesting Insects Lesson Plan
41-43 In the Air Birds! Lesson Plan
44-45 Camouflage Critters Lesson Plan
46-47 Whats For Lunch? Lesson Plan
48 Whats For Lunch? Activity-Food Web Game
49 What is Storm Water? Student Lesson Page
50 Best Management Practices Student Lesson Page
51-53 Marine Debris Lesson Plan
54 Erosion Student Lesson Page
55 Erosion Activity Activity-Build a Watershed
56 Non-Point Source Pollution Student Lesson Page
57 How Did It Get There? Student Activity Page
58-61 Recycling Student Lesson Page
62-66 Importance of Water Quality Lesson Plan
67-71 The Watershed Harmony Game Activity-Review
72 Water Quality Quiz Unit Test
73 Watersheds Need Your Help! Activity-Outreach
74 What is a Land Trust? Student Lesson Page
75-78 Stream Order
79-84 Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
85-92 Vocabulary List
93-94 Answer Key
95 Watershed Harmony Certificate
96-97 Biography and Resources
Teacher Resources Information
Student Outreach Opportunities
Water Steward Enrichment Activities
Pascagoula River Activity Sheet
Watershed Harmony Environmental Puppet Theater
Watershed Fact Sheet Pascagoula River
Flora and Fauna Fact Sheet Pascagoula River Watershed