Pascagoula River Watershed


The Pascagoula River originates in northwest George County at the confluence of the Leaf and the Chickasawhay Rivers. Black Creek and Red Creek also feed into the Pascagoula River as it flows southward through the heart of Mississippi’s ancient swampy bottomlands in George and Jackson Counties and ends at the Mississippi Sound in the Gulf of Mexico. It has a drainage area of about 9,000 square miles. The Pascagoula River forms several channels and bayous at its lower course.

Known as the “Singing River” the Pascagoula is significant as one of the largest free-flowing rivers in the United States and the last unimpeded major river system in the continental Unites States. More than half of the watershed is forested and over 20% of the watershed is agricultural. The Pascagoula River provides critical habitat for the fish and wildlife along its corridors. As such, it is the focus of many conservation efforts.

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