Red Creek Lesson Plan Table of Contents

Page# Lesson Plan Activity
1 Did You Know? Introduction to Students
2 Water-A Valuable Resource Activity-Globe
3-4 What is Water? Lesson Plan
5 Properties of Water Student Lesson Page
6 Water Carnival Properties of Water
7 Drops on a Penny Activity-Surface Tension
8 Water Stretch Activity-Cohesion/Adhesion
9 Absorption Lesson Plan
10 Paper Towel Absorption Race Activity-Cohesion/Adhesion
11 Spill Thrill Activity-Molecules
12 Water-Quality-Checkpoint #1 Student Quiz
13-14 Groundwater and the Water Cycle Lesson Plan
15 Water Cycle Student Lesson-Water Cycle
16 Build Water Cycle Activity-Hydrologic Cycle
17 Water Cycle Word Search Activity-Review
17 Water Quality Checkpoint 2 Student Quiz
18 Page-18-Percolator Lesson Plan
19 Groundwater Activity-Build a Percolator
20 Edible Aquifer Lesson Plan
21 Edible Aquifer Activity Activity-Build an Aquifer
22 Water Wise Word Scramble Activity-Review
22 Water Quality Checkpoint #3 Student Quiz
23 Watershed Lesson Plan
24 What is a Watershed Student Lesson Page
25 Color the Watershed Activity-Watershed
26 Build a Watershed Activity Activity-Watershed
27 Build a Watershed Questions Activity Questions
28 Water Quality Steward Activity-Checklist
29 Where is Your Watershed Activity-Topography Map
30-31 What is Your Water-Source Activity-Water Source
32 Water Quality Checkpoint 4 Student Quiz
33 What Lives In or Near Water? Student Lesson Page
34-35 Macroinvertebrates Student Lesson Page
36-37 Macroinvertebrates Lesson Plan
38 Water Bugs Lesson Plan
39-40 Interesting Insects Lesson Plan
41-43 In the Air Birds! Lesson Plan
44-45 Camouflage Critters Lesson Plan
46-47 Whats For Lunch? Lesson Plan
48 Whats For Lunch? Activity-Food Web Game
49 What is Storm Water? Student Lesson Page
50 Best Management Practices Student Lesson Page
51-53 Marine Debris Lesson Plan
54 Erosion Student Lesson Page
55 Erosion Activity Activity-Build a Watershed
56 Non-Point Source Pollution Student Lesson Page
57 How Did It Get There? Student Activity Page
58-61 Recycling Student Lesson Page
62-66 Importance of Water Quality Lesson Plan
67-71 The Watershed Harmony Game Activity-Review
72 Water Quality Quiz Unit Test
73 Watersheds Need Your Help! Activity-Outreach
74 What is a Land Trust? Student Lesson Page
75-78 Stream Order
79-84 Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
85-92 Vocabulary List
93-94 Answer Key
95 Watershed Harmony Certificate
96-97 Biography and Resources
Teacher Resources Red-Creek
Student Outreach Opportunities
Water Steward Enrichment Activities
Bayhead Swamp Activity
Watershed Harmony Environmental Puppet Theater
Watershed Fact Sheet Red Creek
Flora Fauna Fact Sheet Red Creek