Sistrunk Property

County: George
Total acreage: 80 acres
Conservation method:
Date acquired: 11/2013

The site is 80 acres of land located on both sides of Boneyard Lake Road south of Lucedale, Mississippi in Barton Community. It is abutted on two sides by Pascagoula Wildlife Management Area and privately held lands.  It is estimated to have 65 acres of potential wetlands and 15 acres of uplands. There is a lake on the south eastern corner filled with cypress trees and part of Boneyard Lake(an oxbow lake) on the northeastern corner of the property.  Garnett Branch also flows through the property.

This site is located next to the Pascagoula Wildlife Management Area of the Ms. Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. The Wildlife Fisheries and Park has an easement through the property to get to Wildlife Management Area preserve which is on the Pascagoula River. They partner with the Land Trust in keeping the property and roads maintained.