City: Perkinston
Total acreage: 18.0 acres
Conservation method:
Date acquired: 2008-08-18

The 18 acre property is located on Pasture Road in the southeast section of Stone County in Perkinston, Mississippi and borders the DeSoto National Forest to the east. The property was a donation by Gregory Guy Woodcock, Jr. upon his death in 2007. For Mr. Woodcock and Karen Ernest, the property was a true labor of love. Both took great pleasure in viewing the longleaf pine forest through the wall of windows within their home. It was the wish of the Woodcocks for LTMCP to manage the property for the wildlife values and for public enjoyment in perpetuity The northern section of the property adjacent to the road is a longleaf pine forest with shrubby undergrowth that grades down to a bog in the central section of the site. Species found on the property are typical of longleaf pine forest systems and include longleaf pine, blackjack oak, gallberry, red bay, and black gum. Also seen within the longleaf pine forest was magnolia, red maple, and sweetbay magnolia. Towards the middle of the property, the habitat includes a wetland bog. Species noted throughout the wetland bog include yellow?eyed grass, large hatpins, St. John’s wort, horned beaked-rush, little bluestem, sunflowers, broom-sedge, sundews, and goldenrod. The Woodcock property is a significant area for watershed protection as it offers almost 18 acres of mostly undeveloped land adjacent to the protected land of the DeSoto National Forest. With the diversity of habitat types including flora and fauna, and to honor the wishes of the previous owners, this site will be maintained as a wildlife sanctuary.